Technology has made it easier to manage and keep track of things. With a couple of taps and swipes, information can be readily available. But in Doyle Law, we do things old school and still keep paper files for our clients’ immigration cases.

3 Good Reasons We Keep a Paper File of Immigration Cases

We get asked a lot about why we still keep paper files of immigration cases at our firm, so here are a couple of good reasons.

Electronic Devices are Not Allowed in Immigration Interviews

In Atlanta, Georgia, electronic devices are not permitted in immigration interviews. That doesn’t just apply to the applicant but also to their lawyer. Because of this, we can’t bring a laptop or iPad to refer to important immigration documents.

Instead, we carry an organized packet of case files with all the documents involved in the immigration case. With this, we can refer to them as the interview goes on and follow along.

Track What Documents Were Submitted

Sometimes, immigration officers would mistakenly assume that a document was not submitted with the initial application. But as long as we have a case file, we can dig through the documents and determine if the paperwork in question was, in fact, submitted.

Our paper files, which are organized and in order, enable us to quickly and easily reference the things sent in the immigration packet. It will also include tracking numbers so we have proof of when they were submitted by the applicant and received by immigration.

Provide Copies to Clients

We also recommend our clients have their own copies of their immigration documents. Because of our complete paper files, we are able to easily provide our clients with copies for their own reference or use during the immigration interview.