Selecting a person to become a joint sponsor is the first hurdle to pass. Here are the required and ideal characteristics of a joint sponsor for immigration.

Any U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident

Similar to the criteria to become a primary petitioner or sponsor, a joint sponsor must also be a U.S. citizen or hold a lawful permanent resident status in the United States.

Small Family Size and Good Job

There are certain situations that immigration likes to see in joint sponsors. Ideally, they should be someone who has a small family size and a good-paying job. These characteristics are uncomplicated and give a clear idea of the sponsor’s financial standing.

It gets more complicated when a joint sponsor owns their own business, for example, but does not receive a W-2 or normal income tax treatment. Business depreciation can cause their tax return to become more complex, which is not ideal for immigration purposes.

Family Member or Friend

Joint sponsors can be family members or friends, as long as the beneficiary knows them and is acquainted with them. This is because immigration asks about the applicant’s relationship with their joint sponsors and requires that the latter sign off on a letter that says they understand what they’re getting themselves into and agree to be joint sponsors in the case.

How Much Money Does a Joint Sponsor Need to Make?

There is no value set in stone when it comes to how much money a joint sponsor needs to make. It depends on a variety of factors, the most significant one being the size of their household.

On the immigration website, an applicant can access the I-864P Affidavit of Support Guidelines that outlines how much a person needs to make depending on their household size to become a joint sponsor in an immigration case.

What if the Joint Sponsor Has Failed to File Their Taxes?

Ideally, an applicant should select a joint sponsor who is up to date on their tax returns. If they fail to pay their taxes, it can cause problems in the immigration case. As a standard, a joint sponsor should have filed their taxes properly at least in the past three years.