In order to work in the United States, an immigrant first and foremost needs a work card and a social security number. These can be obtained through the green card application process.

Typically, a social security number is issued shortly after receiving a work card, which then enables the holder to begin their employment in the U.S. However, 2021 has been a hectic year for the social security office, resulting in the delay of social security number issuances. These delays are expected to roll over into 2022.

But this is a big inconvenience for people because until they receive their social security numbers, they cannot find and begin working in the U.S.

What to Do if You Haven’t Received Your Social Security Number

Once an applicant has received their green card or work card, they should receive the corresponding social security document shortly. But if 30 days have passed and their social security number has not arrived, I advise that they follow up with the Social Security Administration.

How to Follow Up On Your Social Security Number

An applicant can follow up by setting an appointment with a local office and politely demanding that they issue their social security number and documents. Keep in mind that the Social Security Administration is dealing with government delays themselves, so it’s important to be polite but firm.

Because of the delay and failure to immediately issue the corresponding social security number, the applicant is unable to begin working in the United States. So it’s recommended to keep following up with local offices and constantly remind them to issue the documents.