In the past, it was easy to determine where an immigration case should be sent, depending on the specific type of application and the residence of the applicant. All similar cases would always be sent to the same location every single time.

However, the process has changed and has become more and more complicated. Now, the intake centers for immigration applications change often because new offices are being created and workflows are continually being rehashed.

How to Find Out Where to Send Your Immigration Case

To find out where an immigration case should be sent, the applicant would have to look it up every single time. They would have to go to the official immigration website,, and check where the new intake center is for the type of application they are sending.

It’s advisable that they conduct the search on the day they’re ready to send their application to ensure that the receiving office has not changed and the case goes exactly where it’s supposed to.

Finding Out Where Your Immigration Case Is

The place where an immigration case is initially sent is not where it will stay throughout the whole process. Once the case is received, it will be transferred to a field office or service center that will adjudicate it.

To find the location of an immigration case, an applicant can refer to their receipt notice. At the beginning of the receipt number, they will encounter three letters that correspond to the service center adjudicating the case. Some common letters are:

  • SRC: Texas Service Center
  • WAC: California Service Center
  • MSC: Missouri Service Center

A Tip When Mailing Your Application to Immigration

When mailing an immigration application to the intake center, it’s important to use trackable services such as Priority Mail, UPS, and FedEx. This allows the applicant to track their package and be alerted when the case has been received by the intake center. This can serve as evidence that the case arrived in immigration and mitigates the risk of the case being lost or neglected.