The immigration process follows a specific timetable that dictates when cases are adjudicated by the USCIS. These timelines are provided in the Department of State’s Visa Bulletin, which every applicant should stay updated on.

When Does the Visa Bulletin Become Available?

The Visa Bulletin shows the green card applications that are set to move forward the following month after its issuance. The Department of State typically makes it available 15 days before the next month starts, giving applicants ample time to check on the Visa Bulletin and prepare their immigration petitions.

Follow the Visa Bulletin Monthly

The Visa Bulletin is a valuable resource for those who are applying for a U.S. green card. This tells them if a visa is available and their petition is ready to file with the immigration service.

Hence, it’s important that applicants follow the Visa Bulletin monthly so that they can prepare all the paperwork required to get their applications in. Otherwise, they’ll get caught lagging behind the process and will have to wait for the next opportunity for their visas to become available.

Check When it Becomes Available

Ideally, applicants should be updated the moment the Visa Bulletin is issued 15 days in advance of the next month. If they are working with an immigration lawyer, their counsel will let them know about the dates they need to prepare their paperwork and file their application.

Once the Visa Bulletin becomes available, applicants should begin their preparation immediately. The process of retrieving the required documents and going through the preparatory process can be lengthy, but 30 days is just the right amount of time to get everything sorted.