Immigration handles a lot of applications day in and day out, which is why a system to properly organize their deliverables and ensure the fair and efficient handling of each case is called for. In Doyle Law, we practice what we call a first in, first out system that we think would be beneficial for USCIS to follow.

The First In, First Out System

First in, first out is a logical and fair system that basically requires the cases that were sent in first to be the ones adjudicated first. It’s similar to a queuing system that follows a specific line of deliverables instead of jumping to and from different cases in random order.

Does Immigration Follow the First In, First Out System?

Unfortunately, immigration doesn’t seem to be following the first in, first out system in handling immigration cases. Some cases take years to complete while others can be turned over in a day or two. It doesn’t look like they follow a queue that warrants the first set of applications to be handled before the latest ones.

In fact, it looks like immigration is following the last in, first out system, approving cases that were filed most recently. From a fairness perspective, this doesn’t seem like the best and most productive way of handling things.

First In, First Out in Field Offices

Field offices that conduct interviews, however, seem to be following the system. Because most of their files have been computerized, they are able to work on software that hands them cases in a queue, according to which ones were checked in first. The software is providing cases for field officers to work on based on the first in, first out system.

First In, First Out in Doyle Law

Our law firm, Doyle Law, also follows the first in, first out system in our process of filing immigration cases. We have a queue that prioritizes clients whose documents are sent in first. Once we are provided with everything we need to process the case and file it, we are able to move forward with that client’s case. And it’s not until that’s done that we move on to the next one in the queue.

How Do You Know When a Case is Being Processed?

An applicant can track their case and find out where it is in the immigration process by checking their status online. They can type in their case number and see the status of their case. If the status is “Cases being actively reviewed,” it means that the application is now in queue for an officer to review.