There are three types of documents that I recommend you have for a marriage green card application. First, you need identity documents. Next, you need relationship documents. And third, you need financial documents.

Identity documents

When it comes to identity documents, we are looking for your passport, proof of your citizenship, and your country. We are also looking for proof of a valid entry to the United States if you are physically here in the US. So, think about passports, visas, birth certificates, things like that. Those are identity or identification documents.

Relationship documents

The second type of documents that I recommend includes relationship documents. For example, if you're filing a marriage-based green card application, you need to show your marriage certificate. You also need to show that you are not married to anyone else. So that would possibly be a divorce decree if you have been married before.

In another type of case, if you are filing for your parent, you need your birth certificate to show that the parent in question is actually your parent. So, everyone needs their birth certificate.

Finally for those relationship documents, particularly for the marriage-based green card application, I recommend that you show how you have a bona fide relationship. It should demonstrate a real relationship based on love, showing that you are living in the same home and that you have documents together. This includes photographs of the two of you together, a bank account, a lease, and possibly some insurance documents including both of your names. You might also include some bills such as the power bill for your home. It should have both of your names on it.

Financial documents

The final group of documents covers the financial portion of the case. And this is where the US petitioner, or possibly the permanent resident, is going to show that they can financially support the person they are sponsoring. Here we are looking for a US tax return or tax transcript, and I also like to submit some pay stubs, as well as possibly a letter of employment to show their income and how they can support their family member.

If you have any questions, please let us know.