Many people ask this question: How can I be sure that my case will not be delayed? Or, what are some things that can delay my application? Today let's talk about those things that can delay your immigration application and cause your case to move more slowly than it should.

Money trouble

The number one thing that can delay your application is if you fail to submit the correct amount and form of money to immigration. It seems very simple. You go to the immigration website, look up the fees, and you pay the correct fees. But immigration can be rather particular about how you pay the fees and what the fees may be.

Sometimes, people submit multiple money orders for the amount of the payment and hope that's going to work, but we have seen some trouble with that. In addition, sometimes people will pay too much money because they don't realize that one application might cover more than one fee. So use something called the fee schedule on the immigration website to help you determine what the fees should be.

Also, be sure to write the amount payable to the US Department of Homeland Security, and if you’re using a check, make sure that check is preprinted.

Submit the right forms

The next thing that can delay an application is failure to submit the right forms. Immigration has so many forms on its website. And when you’re filing a green card application, there are probably multiple forms that you need to submit, such as F085, Ad131, I765, and probably an I864. Then there is the family-based petition, which is the Ad130, and possibly even the Ad138. So make sure to check that you have all the right forms that need to go to immigration.

Provide all required information and documents

You can also delay your own case by failing to provide enough information or documents. Be sure that you fill in your forms completely and give immigration all of the required documents. Don’t leave anything out or think that you can just submit it later.

When immigration writes you a letter that says they have a request for evidence from you, it will pause your case. And when it pauses your case, it means that you are outside of the regular processing times. Your case is not moving ahead. The way to avoid an RFE, i.e., a request for evidence, is to try to submit all the required documents in the beginning.

Now, this is USCIS immigration. Sometimes they will ask for things even if you have already submitted them or the document was not required when the case was filed, which just happened to me yesterday. Nevertheless, I'm going to respond as quickly as possible for my client, so that we can get their case back on track.

Those are some things that you can do to avoid delays in your own immigration case. If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I would be happy to assist.