Some questions in an immigration application form are difficult to answer, mainly because applicants are unsure whether or not to disclose the information asked, afraid that the wrong move may harm their immigration case.

Examples of these questions include those that ask about memberships in any organization, association, political party, funds, etc. If these big questions pop up on immigration forms, such as the I-45 green card application, the applicant must make sure to disclose truthful information and answer “yes” if they have any memberships or affiliations.

What Type of Memberships Should Be Disclosed?

Any memberships and affiliations should ideally be disclosed in an immigration application. These include:

  • Military membership
  • Societies
  • Groups
  • Political affiliations, such as Communist, Republican, or Democratic party membership, etc.

Why It’s Important to Disclose Memberships

In asking these questions, immigration is essentially looking for any problematic memberships. But even so, it’s recommended that affiliations be disclosed to prevent immigration from suspecting that the applicant is hiding or withholding information.

It’s safer to be truthful and let immigration know about any memberships. Otherwise, they may consider the applicant to be misrepresenting themselves or being fraudulent in their application. This can cause more serious problems and break an applicant’s chances of getting approved.