USCIS application fees are important to settle at the right time and in the right manner. Otherwise, the case can’t move forward to adjudication. There are a variety of ways to settle USCIS fees, but like anything else with immigration cases, there are some options that are more preferred than others.

3 Options to Pay Immigration Fees

Lawyers recommend three modes of payment when settling USCIS fees. They are a cashier’s check, a money order, or a credit card form.

1. Cashier’s Check/ Pre-printed Check

A cashier’s check is a check that is drawn on the bank’s funds and signed by a bank teller or cashier. It is guaranteed by the bank, making it a good option for settling USCIS fees.

Another way to pay through a check is by having it pre-printed with the applicant's personal information, including their name and address.

2. Money Order

Applicants can also pay their USCIS fees via money order, which is a directive to pay a specified amount from prepaid funds. One money order is enough, as long as it indicates the entire amount for payment.

3. Credit Card Form

USCIS has also started accepting credit card payments by means of a credit card form. The applicant will need to submit the form that details their credit card information so the USCIS can initiate the transaction.

However, it’s worth noting that credit card forms are not that reliable. There have been cases when transactions made by USCIS were declined because the credit card company suspected them to be fraudulent charges.

While this can be remedied, it will take some time and can potentially delay the immigration case. Hence, payments via credit card form are not recommended in time-sensitive cases.

Can You Send Multiple Payments That Total the Amount?

An applicant can send multiple payments in different mediums to pay their immigration fees. For example, they can have one cashier’s check and one money order that total the application amount.

However, this is not recommended because it creates room for errors. An inexperienced USCIS mailroom employee might mistake the payments to be incomplete, thereby rejecting and sending them back. Paying the full amount in one medium is ultimately going to cause less trouble and ensure that the payment goes through successfully.