We’ve heard it time and time again — being honest and forthcoming in an immigration application is crucial to the success of the case. Immigration doesn’t take mistakes or omissions lightly, which is why it’s important to do a thorough and careful review of an application before it is submitted.

Despite this, however, people still tend to make mistakes in their immigration application forms. Whether it be a small typo, forgetting to list a family member, or any piece of information that has changed, mistakes in an immigration application are sometimes unavoidable.

But is there something that can be done about it? Or is an applicant’s case (and chances of getting approved) forever doomed?

First and foremost, don’t panic! Believe it or not, it’s very common for applicants to accidentally make a mistake on their application — and realize it only after they have submitted it to immigration. Luckily, there is a way to fix it. But it must be done correctly and carefully.

How to Correct a Mistake on an Immigration Application

When an application has been submitted to immigration before the mistake is noticed, the best time to make the correction is during the immigration interview. At this point, it’s important to let the officer conducting the interview know that there is a mistake or inconsistency in the forms.

Before the officer begins to ask questions, the applicant can tell them that they have a correction to make and ask when they would like to be made aware of it. The officer will decide if they want to know about the correction at the beginning of the interview or later on when they get to that part of the forms.

In any case, making the officer aware that there is a mistake in the application that needs to be corrected is important. This will prevent them from being surprised later on and possibly question the applicant’s intentions of revealing the correct and true information.

Having a Lawyer Can Prevent Mistakes on an Immigration Application

Although making a mistake on an application form is common and oftentimes unavoidable, there is still something that can be done to better prevent them. Immigration lawyers employ review procedures to ensure that everything is in order. And if a small typo or inconsistent information still escapes the careful review, a lawyer can help speak to the immigration officer during the interview to correct and remedy the mistake.