The USCIS is a huge fan of issuing Request for Evidence notices to applicants for any immigration relief. So receiving a brightly colored letter from USCIS in the mail should not be a cause of panic or concern.

It’s easy to reply to a Request for Evidence and supply immigration with whatever they might need to further process an immigration application.

What is a Request for Evidence?

A Request for Evidence (RFE) is a notice issued by the USCIS to an individual that has filed an immigration-related application requesting additional evidence that may be necessary to make a decision on the application.

An RFE can be issued in any type of case, including work visas, family visas, naturalization applications, permanent residency applications, and more.

When an RFE is issued, the individual will receive a notice in the mail that outlines what additional documentation is necessary for their application to be reviewed and approved. This may include proof of employment, financial documents, or other supporting evidence depending on the type of application being filed.

Why Have You Received a Request for Evidence from Immigration?

Receiving a Request for Evidence (RFE) from immigration can be a confusing and intimidating experience. It is important to understand why one might receive such a request and how best to respond.

Generally, an RFE indicates that immigration needs additional information or evidence to better assess an application. It could be because the information or documents provided are incomplete, outdated, or unreliable. An RFE might also be issued if immigration has doubts about the credibility of the information or documentation submitted.

In any case, it is important to respond to an RFE as quickly and completely as possible. Make sure all documents provided are legible and accurate. The applicant should also include a cover letter outlining any additional information that was not included in the original application.

An RFE does not necessarily mean an application will be denied. It could simply be an opportunity for an individual to provide more evidence of their eligibility or qualifications. Therefore, it’s recommended to take the time to review and respond to the RFE carefully. This will help ensure that the application is resolved in a timely manner.

Get Assistance with Your Request for Evidence

It is important to note that failure to provide the necessary documentation or evidence requested by USCIS in the RFE can lead to the denial of the application. Therefore, take any RFE seriously and respond in a timely manner with all required documents as outlined in the notice.

In case of questions or assistance with responding to an RFE, it's best to speak with an immigration lawyer. They can provide insight and advice on the best approach for addressing each request and helping reach a successful outcome.

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