The immigration process can be complex and confusing, which is why it’s not far-fetched for applicants to call immigration and ask questions about how to move forward with their cases. Although asking basic information about the process is acceptable, applicants should be careful about crossing the thin line between basic inquiries and legal advice.

Why You Should Not Ask USCIS for Legal Advice

Some people go ahead and call USCIS to clarify matters about their case. But immigration is only trained to give basic information about the process to applicants and is not equipped to provide solid immigration legal advice.

Immigration officers have the tendency to see the process with tunnel vision — looking straight ahead and basing their answers on the end result. They may not be able to see the big picture and provide solutions suitable for every detail in an immigration case, simply because that’s not what they do.

If an applicant asks immigration for legal advice, the tendency is they will get different or incorrect answers from various immigration officers, which will further complicate matters and ultimately harm their immigration cases.

Who You Should Ask for Legal Advice on Immigration

An immigration lawyer is much better equipped to provide legal advice in an immigration case. Lawyers in this field understand all the applicable laws and how they interact with each other, hence, finding a legal and comprehensive solution to any immigration problem.

All immigration cases are unique and even the smallest details can change the process for an applicant. So it’s important to speak to an immigration lawyer who can take all factors and laws into account to ensure the successful processing and approval of an immigration case.