The immigration process is confusing — that’s a well-known fact. All the legal jargon, extensive processes, and the multitude of documents make it quite mind-boggling, especially for someone without enough knowledge or experience with it.

To help gain more clarity, the first thing that many applicants think of doing is calling the immigration service to speak to an officer. But in something as crucial as this, that might just be the wrong move.

Why You Should Not Take Legal Advice From a USCIS Officer

Applicants should never take legal advice from a USCIS officer. While they might be familiar with the process, they are not immigration lawyers. They are customer support staff who have never been to law school nor are trained to spot issues or recognize discrepancies that are important to an immigration case.

They are only trained to answer the questions asked but are not equipped to see the bigger picture or give advice that’s suitable for a person’s unique situation.

What You Should Do Instead

Many clients who have made the mistake of taking legal advice from a USCIS officer end up doing the wrong thing and eventually harming their immigration case.

Instead of picking up the phone to clarify something with USCIS, the best course of action is to speak to an immigration lawyer. An attorney specializing in immigration law will know the ins and outs of the process and how specific elements will affect a unique case or situation. They will provide legal advice that’s in line not only with immigration law but also with your best interests.