When an individual moves and changes their address, there are a lot of things they need to update. This includes bank information, government records, ID changes, etc. Individuals who have transactions with the USCIS also need to notify immigration of their change in address.

Who Needs to Notify USCIS of a Change in Address?

USCIS requires any person who has a green card, non-immigrant visa, or a pending immigration case to notify them in case of changes in address within 10 days of moving. Only U.S. citizens are not covered by this rule.

How to Notify USCIS

The initial instinct most individuals have is to call USCIS or mail them a letter informing them of the change in address. However, USCIS has its own process for this that needs to be followed.

File Form AR-11

The first step is filing a change of address form called the AR-11. This can be conveniently filed online on the USCIS website. Individuals with a pending immigration case who filed their application online can use their existing USCIS online account to notify immigration of their change of address.

Wait for Confirmation

After filing form AR-11 or using a USCIS online account to notify immigration, the next step is to check for confirmation. Immigration will confirm if they have received the change of address request and will proceed to change the address in all relevant pending cases.

An applicant should do their part and ensure that the change of address request has been processed and the changes have been reflected.

Make Sure You Receive Important Mail from USCIS

Notifying immigration of a change in address is important to ensure that individuals receive important mail from USCIS. If they have already filed their change of address form yet are not receiving any mail from immigration offices, it’s possible that the system was not updated. In this scenario, the best course of action is to call immigration and ask them about it.