Immigration authorities are very well-versed in the steps and rules involved in the processing and approving or declining immigration petitions. But because they are human and are flooded with overflowing volumes of applications, mistakes happen. 

Immigration can make mistakes in an immigration case. Hence, it’s important for an applicant to know what to do in these instances.

Scenario: Immigration Making a Mistake on a Case

One of the most recent mistakes immigration made involved a case I handled for a client. Earlier, she received a Request for Evidence from immigration, which we addressed by sending a package of our response, as well as all the requested evidence. On the day we mailed it to immigration, our office received an approval notice or the Notice of Oath Ceremony, inviting our client to attend and take her oath.

Immigration has mistakenly approved her case even after sending a request for more evidence earlier. Because of this, we advised our client to attend the oath ceremony but take with her the packet of all materials and evidence immigration previously requested. That way, if she runs into any problems during the oath-taking, she would have everything needed to resolve the matter with her.

Will Immigration Notice Its Mistake?

In cases of mistaken approvals, applicants may choose to ignore the mistake and move forward with their oath-taking under the impression that immigration might not even notice their error. But there have been a handful of instances where immigration approves cases by mistake and most of the time, they do notice and correct it.

Therefore, it’s important to be ready during these situations and have a planned course of action to work through any potential mistakes by the authorities.