The U.S. Post Office plays a vital role in the immigration process. Not only are cases filed and mailed to the USCIS through them, but they also serve as a vessel for communication and correspondence between the applicant and the immigration service.

They handle all the letters and notices to and from the parties, which means if they make a mistake, the immigration case unfortunately suffers.

How the U.S. Post Office Can Affect Your Immigration Case

The U.S. Post Office delivers all the packets, forms, documents, paperwork, notices, and letters that form part of the immigration process. The applicant files their cases to the immigration services through the post office. In the same way, immigration uses the post office to send notices of interviews, requests for evidence, and more.

There have been many instances where the U.S. Post Office made a mistake that ended up being detrimental to an immigration case. One of the recent examples from our office is the post office falsely assuming our office’s mailing address was wrong or insufficient. This ended up in several failed attempts to deliver an appointment notice for a client’s green card application.

The result? The notice wasn’t received and the client was not able to attend the interview. His case ended up getting denied.

Best Practices to Mitigate Mailing Issues

Unfortunately, an honest error from the U.S. Post Office can harm an immigration case. So applicants can safeguard themselves, here are some best practices to observe:

Check the Status of the Case

It’s good practice to check the case status at least once a month. This is going to help update applicants on how their case is progressing even without receiving a letter from immigration. They can check what’s happening in their case and what comes next, and then see if they failed to receive any notice or letter from the immigration service.

Keep Mailing Envelopes

Whenever a letter from the immigration service is received, never throw away the envelope. The envelope contains crucial information, such as what the post office did, when they delivered the mail, any delivery attempts, etc. This can serve as important evidence in case something goes wrong with the case due to mailing issues.

Never Mail Anything to Immigration Without Tracking

When filing cases or mailing documents with immigration, always use trackable mail such as UPS Priority Mail. Being able to track your package can confirm whether or not it was delivered, when it was received by the immigration mail room, etc.