Immigration application forms ask the applicant to fill out details about themselves, such as their legal name, birthday, parents’ names, address, contact information, and other pertinent information. When a person fills up the form, they warrant that the details provided are true and accurate to help immigration verify things about them and their history.

One of the sections in an immigration application form would ask for an applicant’s work experience. Some people tend to not take this part seriously enough, but it’s absolutely crucial to provide the details of work history that immigration is asking for. Here’s why.

Being Truthful Prevents Doubts About the Case

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make in their immigration case is failing to tell the truth, which includes not disclosing complete and correct information about their work history. When immigration asks about employment from the past five years, for example, an applicant must provide all the pertinent details.

Not being forthcoming in an immigration case can cause immigration to have doubts about the case and the applicant’s ability to tell the truth. This is not a position anyone wants to be in as it can impact their case dramatically and even cause them to become barred from returning to the United States.

Cross-Checking With Tax Return Details

Immigration can also use work history information to verify an applicant’s income and the tax that they should be paying. Providing complete information about previous employment ensures that the value in tax returns or W-2s is aligned with the applicant’s income based on the jobs that they listed.

Remedy for Unauthorized Work

Applicants have the tendency to hide information about unauthorized work to prevent causing problems in their immigration cases. But immigration is going to find out about it sooner or later, and it’s better that the disclosure comes from the applicants themselves.

Unauthorized work can be forgiven by immigration, so it’s a good idea to list them on the forms. If they are not forgiven, an attorney can help find solutions.

Telling the whole truth and providing complete information to immigration is crucial to the success of an application. In case of doubt or uncertainty about work history, speak to an attorney.