Typically, a marriage union brings together not just the two people involved in it, but also other aspects of their lives, including assets, debts, properties, and more. That’s why spouses usually have joint documents, with both of them named in important paperwork. Nowadays, modern couples may choose to keep their assets separate. But doing so can be risky in cases like marriage-based green card applications.

Are Joint Documents Necessary in Green Card Applications?

To obtain a marriage-based green card application, the spouses must prove that they are married in good faith. One of the ways to do that is by presenting joint documents, meeting immigration’s expectations of the spouses living together, sharing assets, as well as liabilities.

Having joint documents shows immigration that the spouses are indeed married not only on paper but also in the personal and financial aspects of their lives. These documents are incredibly important in marriage-based green card applications.

Types of Joint Documents Immigration Wants To See

There are many documents that can name both spouses and prove the legitimacy of their marriage. The common types of documents that immigration looks for include:

  • Lease or mortgage naming both spouses
  • Auto loan or car sales contract
  • Joint bank account, etc.

Any document that shows an agreement, sale, contract, etc. that names both spouses can be helpful in a marriage-based green card application.

Present Joint Documents in a Marriage-Based Petition

Joint documents, in immigration’s eyes, are indicative of the legitimacy of the marriage. It shows that the spouses entered into the marriage contract in good faith, as shown by the joining of all other aspects of their lives.

It’s highly recommended that spouses seeking a marriage-based green card are able to present joint documents to immigration. Otherwise, it can be a red flag and lead to the failure of a marriage-based petition.