When hiring an attorney for cases that involve civil law, criminal law, family law, etc., it’s always recommended to hire an attorney who lives in the same state.

This is because these branches of law are state-specific, which means that every state will have its own unique rules and processes. Further, lawyers in these areas of practice usually only carry licenses in a specific state.

However, immigration law differs from other areas of law because it is not state-specific.

Immigration Law is Federal Law

Immigration law does not change from state to state. It is classified as federal law, which means it’s the same across all 50 states. With that, lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia, for example, can have clients that live in New York, California, Washington State, or Texas, to name a few.

Regardless of which state the lawyer practices in, immigration law will be the same, and they can cater to clients living anywhere in the United States.

Immigration Lawyers Can Also Have Clients Living in Other Countries

U.S. immigration lawyers don’t only work with American citizens or permanent residents. They can also represent clients who live in other parts of the world who are looking to get visas to live, work, or enter the United States.

Our firm, for example, works with clients in Ethiopia, Poland, and many other countries, helping them get their immigration requirements in order so they can come to the U.S.